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SendMessage is a tool made for programmers and professional computer users that want to simulate or make tests of their software using some of the Window Messages, sent in an easier way than normal.

SendMessage operates in a really easy way: the user has to find the window or control that will have to receive the message. The second step is that the user will have to select the message to be sent, and set its parameters, and the third and easiest step is to click the SendMessage button.

After some researching, we found the method that is the most friendly and easy for the user to search for a window. We discovered that the easiest way is an intuitive custom control. 

The image below is a preview of the current SendMessage application in development state. This image illustrates how the Window-Finder searches the window you want, and highlights it for you to be sure tat the found window is the right one.

The preview of SendMessage

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